Cairns Green Island



Famous today for its blend of reef and rainforest, and of course Guinness World Record holder Cassius the crocodile, Green Island’s fame has a long, impressive history. In 1937, Green Island introduced the world’s first glass-bottom boat. While in 1954 the first stationary underwater observatory opened.

Nature Experiences

Green Island is a convenient back to nature idyll. Once you get off the boat, it is easy to be enveloped in the startling beauty of the green rainforest, clear blue water, colourful flora and fauna and white sandy beaches.

Green Island National Park is the only rainforest destination found on a coral cay in the Great Barrier Reef. Walkthrough over 100 species of native plants, including a unique blend of coastal and rainforest plants.

Marvel, too, at the juxtaposition of coastal vegetation and dense, shady rainforest, both only a few metres apart.

In addition to rainforest wildlife, Green Island is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with over 50 land and seabirds species.

The rainforest is accessible with easy boardwalk pathways leading visitors on a guided interpretive tour of the plant and animal life.

Resort guests can join an informative, guided Eco Walk tour. Self-guided tours can also be planned to suit the length of your stay.

Note: Great Adventures post their version (PDF) of a simple Eco Walk map with accompanying text explanations that could be replicated.

See our map for more details.


Become your explorer and set out to walk around the only rainforest on a Great Barrier Reef coral cay.

The island’s 1.6 km circumference can be explored at a light pace in 45 minutes leading you on a journey past the island’s vibrant flora and fauna.

But take note – some of the best walks are to be had when the sun goes down. Set out on a moonlit walk to get a look at the nocturnal happenings in nature from birdlife to turtles laying eggs.

Guests of the resort can be escorted on an informed tour (torches provided). The night sky view is also a pretty good excuse to stay up late, too.