Things to Do Green Island

Aquatic activities

At the top of the list, things to do on Green Island is Snorkelling.  Snorkelling is an excellent way for travellers of all ages to experience the reef.  Whether you drift over the shallows or dive your way through the depths, you will be able to get a magical view of fish, turtles and dugongs, as well as hundreds of varieties of hard and soft corals.

Beach Equipment is available to hire or may be included with your tour.

Things to do Green Island – Underwater Activities

If you are keen to go a little further into the depths, introductory and certified Scuba diving can be done at offshore sites from Green Island.

Are you looking for something new?  Green Island is ready to raise the stakes in reef snorkelling and diving experiences with the Snuba Diving shallow water diving system.  With no heavy equipment and air tanks that float on the surface, travellers can venture up to 3 metres under the sea.

Suppose you prefer to be closer to the water’s surface.  In that case, the Snuba Doo Power Snorkelling provides you with a buoyancy vest and a scuba regulator mouthpiece that makes it easier to breathe than when doing regular Snorkelling.

For the ultimate underwater adventure, look no further than Seawalker.  Not many experiences can top take a walk on the Great Barrier Reef seafloor!

Let the Seawalker team set you up with a helmet and guide you on tour 5 metres below the surface.

A fun and safe activity for both swimmers and non-swimmers and is a must-have for your Instagram page.

Things to do Green Island on top of the water

For some action-packed fun things to do on Green Island on top of the water, hire a kayak, surf ski or windsurfer to show your expertise or learn a new skill.  For a little more adrenalin, take to the skies with parasailing.

Opt for the glass bottom boat tour if you want to stay dry and a little more relaxed.  With expert commentary and the chance to feed the fish, this is a great way to take a peek at the magical reef world below the surface.  Check out the exclusive Submarine tour if you want to get a little closer.

As you sit below the water level in air-conditioned comfort, you will be led on a journey of the tropical wonder of the Great Barrier Reef and its marine life, getting an up-close diver’s experience without getting wet!

Whale Watching

Let’s not forget the more abundant marine life.  Watch out for the magnificent humpback whales on the journey to Green during the winter months of July and August.

Some travellers can be lucky enough to sight these majestic creatures while on the way to and from Green Island, but dedicated whale watching tours can also be in the waters off Green Island with Cairns Whale Watching Tours.

For something completely different, take to the skies on a Helicopter Scenic Flight.  You can sit back and enjoy an enchanting view of Green Island and the surrounding reef.


Green Island Rainforest
Self-guided Rainforest Board Walk

Green Island is a unique destination because it gives you a reef and rainforest in one visit.  The low, forested atoll makes access to the rainforest convenient for travellers.   While you are on the island, make sure to take the self-guided eco walk.

Wander easily along with one of the many boardwalk trails that wind their way through the rainforested section.

Alternatively, plot your adventure around the 1.6-kilometre circumference of the island along its beautiful shorelines.

Relaxation Things to do Green Island

After all the exhilarating activities, relax with a cold drink on your sun lounge with a beach umbrella.

Get pampered at the Day Spa with spa, beauty, and massage treatments if you need a little more rest.

Make your plan to Visit Green Island Resort to wine, dine and relax your way through the day.

In the evening, while watching the sunrise and set over the reef waters and later watch the abundance of stars.

Skip over to our Green Island highlights page to learn about whale watching and guided night walks.

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