Green Island Crocodile at Marineland Melanesia

The Green Island Crocodile show happens twice a day in Marineland Melanesia.  Visitors can see the crocodile feeding show at 10:30 am and 1:30 pm.

In the beginning, the Craig family, who have lived on Green Island since 1964 and four generations of this family still live and work in Marineland Melanesia.

When the Craig family first arrived on Green Island, they brought a fantastic collection of Primitive Tribal Art and Crocodiles.

Here you will find around 50 crocodiles, including Cassius, the enormous crocodile in captivity at 5.48 metres long.  Cassius has lived on Green Island for almost 30 years.

Crocodile Show

This Melanesia show features crocodile feeding and the chance to hold a baby crocodile.

Feeding time at the Green Island crocodile show features giant crocodiles, including Bulla and Bronto.  These brothers are both over 4 metres long.

While visiting Marineland Melanesia, Reef Aquariums also feature clownfish, epaulette sharks, turtles and lionfish.

Then stop by the gift shop for a range of unique gifts, including coral jewellery and souvenirs.

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How to get to Melanesia

Follow signs along the path through the rainforest to see the show.

Cassius is the enormous Crocodile in captivity.

The Guinness World Record holder, Cassius, will be performing for guests of Marineland Melanesia.  Find out who has the distinction of being the enormous crocodile ever kept in captivity.  If you visit Green Island, you must stop by and see him.


  • Size: 5.48 m (or 17 feet, 11.75 inches) in height
  • Age: Over 110
  • Weight: more than a tonne
  • Diet: Chicken, fish and pork

Watch George Craig (Croc hunter and Marineland founder) feed Cassius, and you will be astounded at the particular bond he has built with this remarkable animal over nearly 30 years.

We estimate Cassius is at least 110 years old (in human years) based on his physical characteristics, including height, weight, and development rate.

Despite his advanced age, this man-eater crocodile remains the largest ever captured alive in Australia.

Seeing Cassius in person is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, and you will come away from it with a newfound appreciation for these ancient creatures.

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