Green Island Highlights

Secret Green Island

Green Island highlights include Whale watching and regular turtle sightings and a host of birdlife and fauna.

Whale Watching

There are only four reported white humpback whales globally, and one of them, Migaloo, likes to drop by for surprise visits in the waters off Green Island.

You might be one of the lucky travellers to spot Migaloo, the famous white whale. While on your way to or from Green Island.

Green Island Walks

Green Island highlights include the dazzling visual appeal of the reef and rainforest.

After Dark, enjoy some of the best walks are when the sun goes down.

Then Set out on a moonlit walk to get a look at the nocturnal happenings in nature, from birdlife to turtles laying eggs.

Green Island Resort guests can enjoy a guided torch-lit walk.

Out in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef, the night sky view is a pretty good excuse to stay up late, too.

Secret Green Island
Sunset at the Green Island Jetty

Who named Green Island?

On Sunday, 10 June 1770, Captain James Cook saw a low green woody island marked on a nautical chart and named it after its ship’s astronomer, Mr Charles Green.

Traditional Owners

The Guru-Gulu Gungandji Aboriginal people are the traditional owners of Green Island.

Green Island is also known by the aboriginal name’‘Wunya”‘ The’namee Wunyami meaning a place of spirit”, or D’buukjii,” the place of the hole in the nose”.   This island was traditionally used as an initiation site for young Aboriginal men.

Glass Bottom Boat

Green Island’s fame has a long, remarkable history. First, in 1937, with the introductory of the world’s first glass-bottom boat.

Next, Green Island opened the first stationary underwater observatory.

Crocodiles on Green Island

Green Island also holds Guinness World Record for the largest crocodile in captivity.  The crocodile is Cassius, the crocodile a massive 5.48-metre crocodile.

While you are visiting Green Island, stop by Marineland Melanesia to see a crocodile show. Don’t miss out on any of Green Island events.