Green Island snorkelling,  in the crystal clear waters that surround Green Island. On a safe lifeguard patrolled beach that gives an excellent introduction to the Great Barrier Reef.   Mask Fins and snorkels are available to hire, or you may bring your own.

Protected by Queensland lifesaving, Green Island provides a superb location to snorkel on the reef that surrounds the island.

During the summer months, when there is a slight chance of marine stingers, you may also rent a lycra suit for added safety.  The lycra suits provide cover with long sleeves, hood and mittens.

Explore the coral reef around Green Island see our snorkeling guide for the best tips

Snorkeling Guide

First, it is a great idea to cover up to avoid sunburn.  Many a person has fallen into the trap of just a quick snorkel and found beautiful marine life to see and lost all track of time.    Next, please use a Great Barrier Reef safe suntan lotion.

Be aware that there are tides and currents, and it is always a great idea to know what the conditions are before starting on your snorkelling tour.

Under the Jetty

There is no doubt that fish feeding has helped create an excellent environment for Green Island snorkeling tours.   Under the Jetty is a great place to snorkel with oodles of tropical fish and coral.  A bonus is when a fabulous giant sea turtle glides by while you are snorkelling.

Boat Snorkel Tours

Are you looking for other great snorkelling options?   Green Island operate boat snorkelling tours that will take you a bit further away from the beach.  When visiting these locations, they are ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving.   With a travel time between five and seven minutes, be spoilt with bright, colourful marine life and coral gardens.

As well as giving you more opportunities to see great things, there is a bonus of having a lifeguard with you.

In order to see more of the Great Barrier Reef head to the Outer Barrier Reef