Green Island Tours: Exploring Nature’s Paradise

Green Island is a popular tourist destination located off the coast of Cairns in Queensland, Australia. Several tour operators offer day tours to Green Island, typically including round-trip ferry transfers, a range of activities, and sometimes lunch.

Some popular activities to enjoy on Green Island include:

  • Snorkelling: Green Island is surrounded by coral reefs, home to a diverse range of marine life, including colourful fish and sea turtles. Snorkelling gear is usually available for rent on the island.
  • Glass-bottom boat tour: if you prefer not to get in the water, a glass-bottom boat tour is a great way to observe the underwater world without getting wet.
  • Beach activities: Green Island has a sandy beach perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and playing in the water.
  • Nature walks: Lush tropical vegetation covers Green Island, and several nature walks take visitors.

Most day tours to Green Island include return ferry transfers from Cairns, and some operators offer a range of optional extras, such as snorkelling gear rental, lunch, and guided tours.

Green Island day tours spend a whole day or half a day or pick one of our fantastic tour packages.

Locating close to Cairns, only 27 km away by the sea, you can choose various trips to Green Island.

A fast catamaran will whisk you over to Green Island within 45 minutes.  This convenience means you can choose a half-day trip or a full-day trip.

Green Island Day Tour
Catch a 45-minute boat ride to Green Island from the Cairns Marina.

Take to the skies by helicopter for a spectacular view and arrival on the Island.

Take an eco-self-guided tour of Green Island.

Green Island day tours escape to paradise.

Top up on your vitamin D, a day on beautiful Green Island is an excellent option.  Surrounded by pristine white sandy beaches, Green Island is one of the coral cays on the Great Barrier Reef.   Inside the island, there is lush tropical rainforest.

Crystal-clear waters surround the Island, making it ideal for swimming and snorkelling.

Optional Extras

Guests looking for activities on beautiful Green Island can choose a guided snorkel tour or try introductory diving.

Next, walk underwater on the fantastic Seawalker or stay dry on a glass-bottom boat tour.

During the day, you can enjoy spectacular views on a scenic helicopter flight.

Next, experience the thrill of parasailing and a delicious lunch at Emerald’s Restaurant.

Green Island tour packages

A combo trip is a pick if you are short on time or like to keep the adrenaline pumping.

The unbeatable location makes it easy to plan for a multi-tour combo, which lets you fit two famous Tropical North Queensland attractions into one day.

Please make the most of your time with one of our Green Island tour packages.  Combine Green Island with another highlight, including hot air ballooning, white water rafting, Kuranda Scenic Railway, Cairns Aquarium, and the award-winning Skyrail.

Discover the Green Island Resort and relax and stay awhile.

All Green Island trips start with checking in at the Reef Fleet Terminal before boarding the vessel for a 45-minute transfer.  Please see our page on how to get to Green Island to find out more.

Green Island FAQs

Q: Is it safe to swim at Green Island?

A: Yes, it is safe to swim at Green Island. The island’s beaches are patrolled by lifeguards, and there are no dangerous marine creatures in the area.

Q: Can I visit Green Island on a day trip from Cairns?

A: Yes, it is possible to visit Green Island on a day trip from Cairns.

Q: What is the best time of year to visit Green Island?

A: The best time to visit Green Island is between June and October when the weather is dry and the water is at its clearest.

Q: Are there any restaurants or cafes on Green Island?

A:  Absolutely there are several restaurants and cafes on Green Island, offering a range of cuisine to suit all tastes and budgets.

Q: Is it possible to see whales or dolphins at Green Island?

A: Yes, it is possible to see whales and dolphins on Green Island, particularly during the winter months./toggle] A: Yes, snorkelling and diving equipment can be hired on Green Island.

Next, see what else to do on Green Island.

Green Island