Green Island Watersports: Snorkeling, Diving and More on the Great Barrier Reef

Dive into Adventure at Green Island

Green Island, a jewel of the Great Barrier Reef, is a haven for watersports enthusiasts. This tropical paradise offers a wide range of water-based activities suitable for people of all experience levels and levels of adventure, in addition to crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life. Whether you’re looking to explore the underwater world or glide across the surface, Green Island has something for everyone.


Green Island snorkeling

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Green Island’s coral reefs with a snorkeling adventure. The island’s shallow, sheltered waters provide an ideal environment for snorkelers of all ages and skill levels.


  • Coral Gardens: Discover the intricate coral formations teeming with colourful fish and other marine life.
  • Marine Encounters: Look for friendly sea turtles, graceful rays, and various tropical fish species.
  • Ease of Access: Snorkelling gear is available for rent, and you can start exploring just a few steps from the beach.

Scuba Diving

For those seeking a deeper exploration, scuba diving at Green Island offers an unparalleled experience. Dive into the heart of the Great Barrier Reef and uncover its hidden treasures.


  • Diverse Dive Sites: Choose from beginner-friendly spots to more challenging dive sites for experienced divers.
  • Rich Marine Life: You will encounter vibrant coral reefs, schools of fish, and larger marine animals like reef sharks and barracudas.
  • Professional Guidance: PADI-certified instructors and dive masters are available to ensure a safe and memorable diving experience.


Green Island

Explore Green Island’s picturesque coastline and tranquil waters with a kayaking adventure. This activity offers a unique perspective of the island and its marine environment.


  • Scenic Views: Paddle along the shoreline and enjoy panoramic views of the island and the surrounding reef.
  • Wildlife Watching: Spot marine life from above, including fish, rays, and occasionally, dolphins.
  • Calm Waters: The island’s sheltered bays provide easy paddling conditions for all skill levels.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

Experience the serenity of stand-up paddleboarding on Green Island’s crystal-clear waters. This popular activity combines balance, strength, and relaxation.


  • Smooth Waters: Ideal conditions for beginners and those looking to practice their paddleboarding skills.
  • Reef Exploration: Glide over the coral reefs and enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the marine life below.
  • Fitness and Fun: A great way to stay active while enjoying the island’s beauty.


Feel the rush of windsurfing as you navigate the tropical breezes of Green Island. This exhilarating water sport is perfect for thrill-seekers and experienced windsurfers.


  • Perfect Winds: Consistent and gentle winds create ideal conditions for windsurfing.
  • Adrenaline Rush: Experience the thrill of speed and the challenge of mastering the waves.
  • Professional Instruction: Lessons and equipment rentals are available for beginners learning the basics.

Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Gl;ass Bottom Boat

If you prefer to stay dry while exploring the reef, our glass-bottom boat tours offer an incredible way to view the underwater world.


  • Unique Perspective: See the vibrant coral gardens and marine life without getting wet.
  • Family-Friendly: Ideal for families with young children or those who prefer not to swim.
  • Educational Experience: Learn about the reef’s ecosystem and inhabitants from knowledgeable guides.

Plan Your Watersports Adventure

Green Island offers a comprehensive range of water sports activities that cater to all interests and skill levels. Our professional and friendly staff are here to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. Visit our activity centre to rent equipment, book guided tours, or receive expert instruction.

Tips for Your Visit:

  • Safety First: Always follow safety guidelines and listen to instructions from our staff.
  • Sun Protection: Wear reef-safe sunscreen, a hat, and protective clothing to prevent sunburn.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water, especially when participating in physical activities.
  • Respect the Environment: Follow eco-friendly practices to help preserve the reef and its marine life.


Green Island is a paradise for watersports enthusiasts, offering diverse activities that showcase the beauty and excitement of the Great Barrier Reef. Whether exploring the vibrant coral gardens, gliding over the clear waters, or feeling the rush of windsurfing, you’ll find unforgettable adventures waiting for you. Dive in and discover the wonders of Green Island! 🌊🌴🐠

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