Green Island Tickets and offers

When planning your visit to Green Island, finding the best tickets and offers is the best way to make the most of your experience. Here are some options to consider:

Green Island Day Pass

Many tour operators offer day passes to Green Island, typically round-trip transportation from Cairns and access to the island’s facilities. This is a convenient option for a day trip.

Snorkelling and Diving Packages

Cairns Green Island

The vibrant marine life of the Great Barrier Reef surrounds Green Island. Consider booking snorkelling or diving packages to explore the underwater world. These packages often include equipment rentals.

Glass Bottom Boat Tours

 Green Island Glass bottom boat

If you prefer to stay dry while observing the reef, glass-bottom boat tours are a fantastic choice. You can see the colourful corals and fish through the boat’s glass bottom.

Helicopter Tours

Green Island helicopter flights

For a truly incredible view of Green Island and the surrounding reef, helicopter tours are available. It’s a unique and memorable way to experience the area’s beauty.

Combo Packages

Some tour operators offer combo packages that include visits to multiple attractions in the area, such as Green Island and the Rainforest.

Family-Friendly Options

Green Island for families

Green Island is also an excellent destination for families. Some operators offer family-friendly packages with activities for all ages.

Special Offers

Watch for special offers or discounts, especially if you plan your visit during the off-peak season. You might find deals that include additional experiences or reduced rates.

Nature Walks

Green Island

Green Island isn’t just about underwater wonders; it also boasts lush rainforests with well-marked walking tracks. Consider exploring the island’s interior on nature walks, where you can spot native flora and fauna, including colourful birds and butterflies.

Picnicking and Relaxation

Green Island Picnic

Green Island offers several picnic areas with incredible ocean views. Bring snacks or lunch and enjoy a relaxing meal in this idyllic setting. There are also shaded areas for those seeking respite from the sun.  The Green Island Resort can arrange a picnic for visitors staying on the island.

Wildlife Encounters

Keep an eye out for the island’s unique wildlife. You might spot turtles, known to nest on the island’s beaches. Remember to observe wildlife respectfully and not disturb their natural habitat.

Photography Opportunities

Green Island is a photographer’s paradise. Capture the vibrant coral formations, clear waters, and breathtaking landscapes. Sunset and sunrise are particularly magical times for photography.

Environmental Conservation

Many operators on Green Island are committed to environmental conservation. Consider choosing tours and experiences that prioritise sustainability and responsible tourism to help protect this beautiful natural destination for future generations.

Please explore our website to find the best tickets and offers for Green Island. We have the best options available with live availability. Check for any seasonal promotions or deals that may enhance your visit.

Remember, Green Island is a protected marine park, so respecting the environment and following responsible tourism practices are essential while enjoying this natural wonder. Enjoy your trip to this beautiful part of Australia!

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