Where to eat on Green Island, Queensland

If you’re planning a trip to Green Island, one of the things you’ll want to know is where to eat. Luckily, the island has several options, whether for a quick bite or a more substantial meal.

Restaurants and Cafes on Green Island

  1. Emeralds Restaurant: At the Green Island Resort, Emeralds Restaurant offers fine dining with stunning ocean views. The menu features a range of Australian and international dishes, emphasising fresh seafood.
  2. Canopy Grill: This casual restaurant is located on the eastern beach of Green Island and offers a range of snacks, burgers, and sandwiches. There’s also a bar where you can grab a refreshing drink.
  3. Lite Bites: This is a great option if you want something quick and easy. Located near the resort pool, Lite Bites offers a range of snacks, sandwiches, and drinks.

Tips for Dining on Green Island

  • Book ahead: If you’re planning to eat at Emeralds Restaurant, booking ahead is a good idea to avoid disappointment.
  • Bring cash: Some of the restaurants and cafes on Green Island may not accept credit cards, so it’s a good idea to bring cash just in case.
  • Check the opening hours: Some of the restaurants and cafes on Green Island may have limited opening hours, so it’s a good idea to check ahead of time.
  • Try the seafood: With its location on the Great Barrier Reef, Green Island is known for its fresh seafood. Be sure to try some during your visit!

Contact visitgreenisland.com.au for More Information

If you have any questions about dining on Green Island, or if you’d like to book a tour or activity, contact visitgreenisland.com.au. Their knowledgeable staff can provide all the information you need to make the most of your trip to this tropical paradise.

So why wait? Book your trip to Green Island today and experience the beauty and flavours of this amazing destination!

Other Activities to Enjoy on Green Island

Aside from dining, there are plenty of other activities on Green Island. Here are just a few:

  • Snorkeling: Green Island is surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef, home to thousands of species of marine life. Snorkelling is a great way to see some amazing creatures up close.
  • Scuba diving: If you’re a certified scuba diver, Green Island offers incredible scuba diving opportunities.
  • Glass-bottom boat tours: If you’d rather stay dry, a glass-bottom boat tour is a great way to see the reef without getting wet.
  • Rainforest walks: Green Island has several walking tracks that lead through its rainforest. You can spot wildlife along the way, including birds, butterflies, and lizards.
  • Kayaking: You can rent a kayak and explore the waters around Green Island.
  • Parasailing: For a thrill, try parasailing over the crystal-clear waters of Green Island.
  • SeaWalker: Seawalker Green Island is a unique experience that lets you walk on the ocean floor and explore the beautiful marine life up close.

Getting to Green Island

You’ll need to take a boat from Cairns to get to Green Island. The journey takes around 45 minutes, and boats depart several times daily. You can book your boat transfer through visitgreenisland.com.au.

Accommodation on Green Island

If you plan to stay on Green Island overnight, there are various accommodation options. The Green Island Resort is the only resort on the island, offering luxury rooms and suites with ocean views.


Green Island is a tropical paradise that offers a range of activities and experiences, from dining to snorkelling to rainforest walks. And with its convenient location off the coast of Cairns, it’s easy to get to and explore. So why wait? Contact visitgreenisland.com.au today and start planning your trip to this amazing destination!