Green Island Australia Maps

Green Island Australia Map

Green Island Australia map
Green Island Self-Guide Map

 Discover Green Island

Green Island is a National Park part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Experience a day on Green Island up to 7 hours to explore the island, snorkel relax and enjoy this tropical island paradise.

Green Island is 12 hectares in size with stunning white sandy beaches and a small unique rainforest.

Enjoy the two-kilometre eco walk around Green Island.

Green Island’s friendly staff will happily supply you a Green Island Australia map so that you can navigate your way around this island.

Explore there are over 120 species of native plants on Green Island including coastal and rainforest plants.

Green Island BirdLife

Bird lovers will find over 55 species of birds 35 species of sea bird and 28 species of forest birds.

Marineland Melanesia

Visit the Marineland Melanesia a small aquarium including sharks and crocodiles.

In addition Marineland Melanesia also has a collection of Melanesian artefacts.

Swimming on Green Island

Lifeguards are on duty therefore the best places to swim is in between the flags.

Green Island day-use area

Walk off the Green Island jetty and you will find plenty of white sandy beaches to enjoy.

Explore the unique rainforest, souvenir shops, restaurant, cafe and a swimming pool.

Beach Hire
  • beach umbrellas,
  • sun lounges,
  • towels,
  • non-motorised water sports equipment.
  • Book a glass-bottom boat tour
  • Hire snorkelling equipment

Wheelchair friendly

The Green Island Jetty leads onto a boardwalk and paths or user friendly for prams and wheelchairs.

Green Island History

A true coral cay formed over six thousand years ago.

Originally, an initiation location for the males of the Gungandji people.

Guyngandji Aboriginal people named Green Island Wunyami meaning place of haunted spirits.

James Cook named  Green Island in 1770, named after Mr Charles Green an astronomer on board the Endeavour.