Green Island and Dinner Cruise

Two great tours at one fantastic price!

Green Island and Dinner Cruise combine two fantastic Cairns attractions! Spend the day exploring the stunning Green Island. After all your exploring, enjoy dinner aboard Spirit of Cairns as it cruises the Trinity Inlet and Cairns Harbour.

Green Island

Green Island is a National Park, is around 12 hectares in size and is unique in that it contains both a reef and a rainforest habitat. This is the only coral cay in the Great Barrier Reef with a rainforest. Situated only 45 minutes’ ferry ride from Cairns, the island is certainly easy to get to!

The Rainforest

The Island is home to approximately 120 natural plant species, including a rare blend of coastal and rainforest vegetation. The shoreline is surrounded by coastal flora that can withstand dry weather. Stepping towards the island’s centre, however, the flora immediately transforms into a lush, shaded vine-thicket rainforest.

The Wildlife

Many different birds call Green Island home. With a diverse range of species, including land birds and seabirds. Not to mention the migratory birds passing through the Great Barrier Reef on their route to breeding sites. With over 55 bird species spotted on the island, see if you can find them all! Of these, approximately 15 different bird species use the island as their preferred nesting site. So see if you can spot any babies!

The Reef

The reef that surrounds Green Island supports a wide variety of ecosystems and marine life. Explore the shallow seagrass beds that sustain a diverse range of creatures. Such as young fish that utilise the grass to shield themselves from predators, huge sea turtles and dugongs that feed on the seagrass. The reef around the island begins shallow and progresses into the deep, with over 190 distinct varieties of hard corals and over 100 different types of soft corals.

Spend your day exploring the Island, choosing Snorkelling Equipment or a Glass Bottom Boat Tour. You can also upgrade your package to include both! Therefore you can choose the options to suit you best on your Green Island and Dinner Cruise package!

Cairns Dinner Cruise

The Cairns Ultimate Dinner Cruise is an excellent way to unwind at the end of the day. So sit back, relax, and enjoy an evening sailing on Trinity Inlet’s quiet waters. Cruise by city lights and beautiful mangroves. Allow the Far North Queensland sunset to captivate you as soon as the sun begins to set.

After all, excellent dinner cruises should begin with a glass of wine! With your glass filled, make your way to the front deck to take in the scenery. Especially keep an eye out for the changing colours of the sky. Finally, gaze up to see the blanket of stars across the sky.

You’ll be taken deep into the Trinity Inlet’s rivers before venturing onto Broadwater. Take in the beautiful city lights as you cruise around Cairns’ shoreline.

Imagine yourself on board. Listen to the gentle lapping of calm seas on the boat. Feel the nice winds through your hair and bask in the pleasant weather. The night is entirely yours to enjoy, so make the most of it!

Want to see more of the Great Barrier Reef? Check out our Cairns Reef Tours and Dinner Cruise package, and swap your Green Island tour for a Fully inclusive Outer Barrier Reef Tour.

Green Island


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Green Island Half Day Tour

Green Island Eco Adventure

0830-1630: Standard

FULL DAY (~7 hours Island Time) - Depart marina 8:30am - Depart Green Island 4:30pm


Cairns Dinner Cruise

Cairns Dinner Cruise

Cairns Dinner Cruise (SOC)

Finish your day in paradise off with a stunning 2.5 hour dinner cruise on the calm water of the Trinity Inlet.