Green Island Jetty

As island visitors have done for nearly a century, stroll along the jetty to get a new viewpoint on Green Island.


Under the Green Island Jetty, you will find an abundance of fish and the occasional green sea turtle.  This location is a beautiful place to snorkel with stunning marine life

Fish Feeding from Green Island Jetty

As the sunsets on Green Island around 5 pm,  the daily fish feeding takes place on Green Island.   Here you will see an abundance of tropical fish.

Green Island Jetty Walk

The Green Island Jetty is 250 metres long and a wonderful place to take in a sunset, snorkel or enjoy the views of the island.

You can take stunning photos from the end of the Green Island Jetty.

Enormous pelagic fish beneath the jetty can slide in and out of the shadows.

Observe the colourful reef fish and other marine creatures that live in the clear waters below as you make your way back.

Keep an eye out for stingrays, which leave a trail of sand behind them as they dart away, and watch for turtles that come to the surface to take a breath.

Located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, Green Island boasts a stunning array of flora and fauna and fascinating instances of reef ecosystem development and evolution.

Getting to Green Island

Green Island is located 27 kilometres off the Queensland coast of Cairns inside Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

There are three ways to get to the island: by ferry,  private boat or scenic helicopter flight.


Green Island Ferry

The Reef Fleet Terminal in Spence Street, Cairns, serves as the primary ferry terminal for tours to Green Island.

The boat trip to Green Island is approximately 45 minutes by boat.


Visitors can take a 20-minute scenic helicopter flight to Green Island and view the reef differently.

Ten and 15-minute scenic helicopter flights are available once you are on the island. provide comprehensive tourist information on all regions along the Great Barrier Reef.  This site includes where to stay and the best things to see and do

Access for the disabled

A stroller or wheelchair may easily navigate the Jetty Walk, Boardwalk, and other resort routes.

There are bathrooms in the day-use section of Green Island that are handicapped accessible.


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